Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Carnival Cruise Lost My Luggage -- Epic FAIL

Let's see how the customer service department handles this one... Emailed 4/17/13. 


We just finished a cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel on Elation April 11th - 15th. 

Never got to even get in this pool! No swimsuit. @%$@!!!
We were in rooms E299 and E145, both charged to my mother, Nancy Bloomfield (copied on this email.) Hopefully you will see a note on the account showing that Carnival crew members lost my luggage and I didn't have so much as a swim suit the entire cruise. Thanks for the 20% off coupon to the gift shop -- which didn't sell a single swim suit. 

I was told that housecleaning looked in every room, in the closets and under the beds every day my bag was missing. There was a flier that was sent out, etc. Still no bag. Monday morning, while deboarding was in process, I stepped out of my room to grab a coffee before we left the ship and I walked by someone in line with MY BAG. I asked to see the tags and why he had it and he said there were three of them in the room and it was his friend's bag. While I don't think he intentionally stole the bag, I was irate. I grabbed my bag and wheeled it back to my room. His room number was U299. Right below mine. The whole time... 

I am thankful to have my bag back (no help from Carnival), BUT, I am pissed to say the least. If I wouldn't have walked out of my room RIGHT THEN, who knows if I ever would have gotten it back. I went four whole days with one pair of underwear and shorts. It ruined my trip. And in turn it put a damper on the other three ladies I was with. My bag was misdelivered, BY CARNIVAL and I was lied to about CARNIVAL EMPLOYEES looking for my bag on the ship. If I would have known no one was doing anything I would have knocked on every door myself-- but no, I was assured everyone was looking for it.

I had my bag for 15 minutes on the ship and wasn't even offered a free drink. I asked to use the internet to check my email since my email was on my luggage tag and they said they wouldn't want me to accrue any other charges!

Can you imagine going to a beach and not having a swimsuit? Seriously?

All that aside, I would like a list of all charges to both rooms so I can go over the charges with my mother, Nancy. I can't wait to put this experience behind me and never have to think about Carnival again! There should be a credit of $50/day at least on there- but I think the whole thing should be reimbursed in addition to the dress I had to buy just to attend the Captain's Dinner, and the internet charges since I was looking for any word on my bag. I get sick just thinking about it! 

Thank you,
Brooke Bloomfield