Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Serenity | Front Porch Facelift | Part 1

Everyone has their "go to" place to focus on their inner peace. For my boyfriend, it's a movie in the man cave. For my mom, it's on a bench in the front of the house reading a book. For my dad, it's out on the water with a fish on. For others it may be church, listening to music or cooking.

I have a new favorite spot to let my mind relax and quit the internal battle. I stop looking outward for solutions and focus my attention inward. This is tough to do -- so I must be in a spot that offers me serenity. This new spot happens to be my front porch. I have sounds of Sloan's Lake to the north, birds chirping in pine tree in the front yard, children laughing and playing a block down and the soft snore of my 12-year-old dog at my feet.

Yesterday I decided to give my new little spot a facelift. While not quite finished with my mini renovation, I wanted to share my finds of the weekend.

After a quick Craig's List purchase, I headed down to The Barn in Castle Rock, Colo.  Right behind it is The Emporium, which is very similar (although less cluttered). Both antique houses offer a number of different shops. I spent close to four hours looking around!

BabblingBrooke DIY front porch

-New Chair, Foot Rest and Cushion
-Vintage Brass Side Table
-ADORABLE Owl Vase w/ Orange Flowers
-Pier 1 Candle Lantern
-Used Firefly Lights (from my storage)

This is the first phase of my DIY front porch. I am looking for ideas on how to be a little less "exposed" to the next four houses down. I'm thinking some type "see through" shades? I'm heading to Pinterest for additional ideas. Find me on Pinterest here:

I hope you find your "go to" place and make it the best it can be. Organization and focus will help get you to your inner peace. This will help heal, calm and clarify. Enjoy :)

Shoot me an email with DIY ideas!