Wednesday, February 4, 2015

45 Pounds Down...*Drop Mic*

178 days ago I decided to change my life and lose weight. A lot of weight; 45 pounds to be exact. This now seems minimal as I watch others around me achieving losses more than 100 pounds; but for me losing ONE POUND was a big deal. I didn't WANT to lose weight. I liked my life full of pizza, beer and fun. But something changed in July 2014 when photo after photo was added to Facebook and I couldn't stand to look at myself! I stopped sharing photos of my fun and dreaded the notification that someone had tagged me.

I used to be hot... what the hell happened? I don't have an answer to that...yet. I am still learning something new about myself every day and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to know why I let myself get to a point where I literally didn't think about a single thing I put in my mouth.

June 2014 (BEFORE)
January 2015 (AFTER)
The good news, and what I am focusing on the most, is that I have lost 45 pounds since August 1, 2014. In four short month (easier to say now that I'm almost done.. ha!) I changed my world. The program I chose and stuck to is called SlimGenics.

SlimGenics is a customized program that takes into account how much weight you want to lose and the level of physical activity you normally engage in. I don't have to purchase pre-packaged food with this program and I buy all items for my meals at my local grocery store. I do purchase snacks through SlimGenics, but they are yummy AND I know they are better for me. I meet with a counselor in-person about three times a week to discuss struggles, review what I have eaten, and how I feel.

The program is all about portion control, natural food, timing of eating
and covers all of the food groups with select foods in each category. I eat a TON - no more not eating all day and eating a crappy dinner "because I deserve it after working so hard."

When I started, I lost about three pounds a week. I have slowed down my weight loss with a few "cheats" on vacation and with the holidays, but am averaging two pounds a week now. I hit my goal of 45 pounds a few weeks ago, but... decided now that I was there I would go another 10-13 pounds! By my birthday, March 4, I should be itty bitty and back to being the hottie I used to be! :)

My motivation has been the money I have invested in the program - it wasn't outrageous, but it wasn't cheap and for those of you who know me or work with me... I am driven by anything $$$. In addition to the investment, I am also getting married in seven months (YAAHHHOOO!!!!!!) and have my bachelorette party in 3 1/2 months and I plan on reppin' a bikini the WHOLE TIME!

If you are interested in learning more about the program, let me know. I am convinced it is the motivation and dedication that makes a diet work. This one was structured enough for me and my HUGE type A personality.