Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Joy Is In The Journey

This month marks the six-month mark of our engagement and while I am ready to marry my man, I have LOVED every minute of the planning. I said to Tommy the other day, "There's not much left to do, let's move the date up!" He quickly replied with, "Just enjoy the moment, it will be here and gone before you know it." And he is right - I want to savor every step of this journey and we still have 234 days of engagement fun.

Maybe it's because I've lost 45 pounds since the engagement... (blog post on that to come) but the engagement photos have been by far my favorite thing so far. (Choosing flowers is a close second!) Now that I actually don't mind look at a photo of myself, I can't get enough of the photos from Audrey Brooks, our wedding photographer.

We actually did two sessions because the sun decided to hide during our first photo shoot, but even then we received excellent photos. So now we have double the images and I love every one of them!

Take a peak!
Brooke Bloomfield and Tommy Henson - Engagement Photos with Audrey Hannah Brooks

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