Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big changes are sometimes easier than you think.

Week 1, day 3 at Page 1 Solutions. After 7 1/2 years at Armada Medical Marketing, I made the leap and switched companies. Given that I was focusing most of my spare time learning more about search engine optimization (SEO), I reasoned I may as well be making money doing it! 

During my time at Armada Medical, I wore a lot of hats. I worked in every department but design (we are all thankful for that, trust me.) That job provided me with experience, the ability to build a reputation within the marketing world and give me the confidence that I needed to move on (and up).

Page 1 Solutions, SEO Internet Marketing
Page 1 Solutions is a full-service SEO and internet marketing agency for for Attorneys & Lawyers, Dentists, Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmology. With my new position focusing more on client interactions and less focus on the project management, I will have around 35 clients instead of five. With 50 percent of my day at Armada Medical going to administrative work around keeping an account clean, active and healthy- I am not going to miss invoicing!

I'm excited for my new journey and know it will be a great new family.


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