Monday, June 3, 2013

iPhone Screen Cleaner That Never Leaves Your Phone

This morning a friend of mine was talking to me while wiping off her screen with this cute little sticker. "Wait," I said. "What is that?!"

Turns out a friend of hers owns Pristine Screens and makes these little square "screen wipes" that stick to the back of your phone or laptop.

The Pristine Screens cleaners do an excellent job of creating a "Pristine Screen" from dirt, smudges and fingerprints on all touch screen devices including iPhones, iPads, Droids and other digital devices.

The microfiber sticker also does an amazing job at removing makeup and oils from screens. One of the best parts is that the adhesive screen cleaners are all washable and reusable so they are always able to do an outstanding job at cleaning any of your screens. 

You can customize these with your logo or a QR Code, etc. I think this would be an awesome tchotchke for upcoming conferences, etc. (It's days like this where I miss tradition, big picture marketing...)

The company doesn't have videos up (big mistake for them, I think) but they have some visuals on how it works.

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